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"Life is a state of mind."

Welcome to Fort Awesome.

Fort Awesome is what I like to call my home. Each residence I've been forced into over the last few years has borne that moniker. In principle, its kind of like Air Force One...if the Prez is on board -- no matter what plane it is -- that's what you call it.

The current physical Fort Awesome, in case you're wondering, is under a major freeway overpass in Southern California.

Now, onto the virtual Fort. You will find little to no content herein.

There used to be some cool stuff on this site, but, in my lethargy they have long since passed by the wayside. Hopefully soon (PAH!) I can find some time to maybe get with the tech-saavy times and start a blog or something...I don't know. I'm sure if you're really interested, or just stalking me, you'll check back to see.

Until then!

[ Depeche Mode?! ] DEPECHE MODE

One of the world's greatest live acts ever. I used to have some content here.
Coming (again) soon?

[ The Thin Line ] RECOIL

FREEZE...formerly a cool Recoil site housed here. Coming (again) soon?
Doubtful, but not hopeless.

[ The Open Road ] WHATNOT

Observations...analyses....(Gasp! In the 21st Century we call that...a blog?!)
Coming sooner than the 22nd Century.

[ Don't Get The Wrong Idea ] TRAVELOGUES

Photos and ruminations on tooling around the West Coast looking for adventure
and douchebags to share it with. Coming soon.

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